Significance of a central reservation system for chain hotels


Middle East’s hotel industry is growing year-on-year with many international hotel chains coming up with their properties across the region. But for hotels, it is most important to stay profitable by selling their most important item – rooms. In this scenario, chain hotels can leverage the power of a Central Reservation System (CRS) as their most useful channel of distribution and to cross-sell their inventory.

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Is your hospitality technology partner helping you go mobile?


In today’s digital era, hotel business has also become digitalized to many extents. The entire operations are now being streamlined by Hotel ERP or Hotel PMS Software. Additionally, hotels are empowering their guests to customize their stay using mobile phones and apps. So, in this context, it is highly advisable that hoteliers in a competitive market like Middle East should adopt a hospitality technology provider who can efficiently help them ‘go mobile’ on many aspects of their operations.

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Looking for a Smart Central Reservation System in Middle East?


Apart from Hotel ERP or Hotel PMS, many other hospitality technology solutions have gained immense importance for hotels operating across the globe. Hoteliers also pay rapt attention towards the reservation aspect of their hospitality business. In this context, we can’t ignore the impact of a smart Central Reservation System (CRS) for a growing number of hotels operating across Middle East.

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Smart Mobile Apps: Why Hotels Need Them?


Smart Mobile Apps

Like in another business models, mobile apps have made greater impact on hotel business, too. Mobile apps can help hotels grow their business in many ways. While mobile app implementation gives a hotel a clear competitive advantage, it also assists a hotel attract more guests and in strengthening brand loyalty among them. Read more

Technological Backbone of Middle East’s Thriving Hospitality


Hotel PMS

Hospitality industry in Middle East region is rebounding to witness yet another year full of growth. Several recent studies indicate that the health of Middle East hospitality industry is recovering and the year 2014 will see an impressive rise in the number of hotels. However, to have competitive advantage in Middle East hospitality market, hotels across the region need to adopt integrated hotel property management system (Hotel PMS). This is the proven way to grow hotel business while beating the competition. Read more

Is Your Hotel Software Catering to the Millennials?


Hotel Management Software

Riding high on the back of a strong economic momentum, the hospitality industry in Middle East is witnessing a growth in the number of hotels coming up in the region. These hotels, be it in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain or in Turkey might be high-end in terms of guest comfort, but the big question is – are they really equipped to attract and cater to the growing number of millennials? Well, to attract and serve millennials, hotels need to have right hospitality technology solution. They should review an integrated hotel management software for this purpose. Read more